Celebrities Who Transformed Their Looks, You’ll Have To Look Twice

Celebrities are often viewed as gods who can achieve anything with their wealth. However, they are just like the rest of us when it comes to struggling with unnecessary weight.

Numerous celebs have tried so hard to slim down for years with little success. Some became thinner using traditional method, others opted for surgery.

Christina Aguilera quickly packed up some unnecessary pounds after her second child. She took a break from The Voice and returned 49 lbs lighter.

Aguilera had healthy meals delivered to her daily from The Fresh. She instantly started losing excess pounds. Christina blames her stressful schedule on her unhealthy physique.

Ed Sheeran lost 50lbs by cutting out beer and started going to the gym more often in an attempt to improve his health and losing weight was an added benefit.

Ed Sheeran revealed that he mostly ate pizza and drank beer, while on tour. After returning home in 2017, he bad habits continued and he eventually gaining weight. Cherry Seaborn, his girlfirend decided to step in and acted as his personal trainer. He began exercising daily while he also quit drinking, and the result was a swift 50-lb weight loss.

Drew Carey, has faced numerous physical issues, and that occured due to his extra weight. In the late 2000s, Carey discovered he was Type-2 diabetic, while his heart wasn’t in the best condition as well.

In 2010, Drew had his first transformation by dropping almost 100 lbs by just altering his eating patterns and doing a lot of cardio exercise. He reduced his intake of pasta and carbs in general. In November 2018, Carey and his fiancée, Amie Harwick decided to call it quits.

Zach Galifianakis’ changed his eating habits and managed to shed 60 pounds. However, as he revealed, the most important thing in his weight loss journey was cutting down on booze.

Celine Dion appeared at the 2019 Fashion Week’s red carpet in Paris claimed that she felt brilliant despite her ghastly appearance! Body shamers criticized her about her new shape.

Oprah Winfrey embarked on a Weight Watchers program, for health reasons where her meals were designed specifically for her. Oprah lost an estimated 77 lbs by removing carbs and increasing her exercise.

John Goodman struggled with keeping his weight under control. He reached the point where serious obesity and decided to stop eating unhealthy food. He managed to drop a stunning 100 lbs by keeping a meal journal and adopting a tight exercise regime.

Nelly Furtadoweight was a roller coaster, who prefer losing weight the natural way, she’s never gone under the knife. Using a program called Fab Abs, helped her get ripped in no-time.

Chris Pratt went on a strict workout routine to shed at least 60 pounds for his role on Guardians of the Galaxy. He worked harder to look even more ripped before his appearance in the film Jurassic World. 

Kelly Osbourne changed her diet and started doing cardio with music regularly where she lost 50 lbs. In 2018, she spoke about her struggle with booze and illegal substances, both key factors to her once chubby physique.

Christian Bale lost and gained many pounds for roles, primarily using extreme methods to achieve that. He once revealed that a way of shedding pounds was just smoking and drinking whiskey.

Dr. Dre, unhealthy lifestyle left him with high blood pressure. Now in his early fifties he looks better than ever after teaming up with a celebrity trainer and exercised as much as he could. He started doing cardio and combining it with healthy meals. Eventually, he shed 50 lbs!

Seth Rogen was asked to slim down for the role and he eventually accomplished it by eating less junk food and exercising more often. However gained some extra pounds once again.

Alec Baldwin began getting heavier and heavier, and in 2011, he found out that he was pre-diabetic. He changed his unhealthy ways, and he started working out on a frequent basis. He cut down on unhealthy meals, especially sugar and managed to drop 40 lbs and get back to his old shape.

Queen Latifah worked with a celebrity personal trainer in 2012, and ate smaller portions where she quickly dropped 30 lbs.

Jonah Hill began hitting the gym more frequently and reduced his junk food and other unhealthy stuff. Following the movie ’21 Jump Street’ Tatum helped Hill get slimmer again, and now.

Jennifer Hudson managed to drop 80 pounds. Hudson revealed that she doesn’t like exercising that much, it’s all about her nutrition, as she has focused on portion control and healthier meals, without restricting herself too much at the same time.

Forest Whitaker’s was determined to lose all the pounds he gained, and he turned to exercise and martial arts to get slimmer.

Lisa Riley was obese and she slowly headed towards some serious health issues, until she decided to do something about it. She managed to drop 140lbs drastically changed what she ate, and though she never skipped any meals, she ate less and much healthier. She also exercises now and then but not too harshly. In 2017, she even wrote about her weight loss journey through the publication, The Honesty Diet.

50 Cent, lost 54 lbs in 2010 for his character in All Things Fall Apart, a movie about a football player who eventually dies of health issues. For many days, he only consumed liquids and spent three hours a day working out.

Britney Spears intended to get back to her former weight and lose 20 pounds. She quickly achieved her goal by eating more raw food (like fruit and sushi), working out 3 times a week, dancing, drinking tea, and hitting the swimming pool occasionally.

Tom Hanks revealed that he was no longer doing roles that required a drastic change in his weight after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Simon Cowell’s shed 20 pounds due to blood pressure problems were already known, as his physician instructed him to cut down on all red meat, sugar, dairy, bread, and gluten; it was much like a very well-planned vegan diet. The results are obvious!

Chrissy Teigen is a mother of two and wife to musician John Legend. She talked openly about her postpartum depression which she said led to her gaining weight. Chrissy says that she’s come to terms with her weight now – being 20 lbs over her usual weight.

Joaquin Phoenix repeatedly puts his body through incredible changes for some of his roles. He lost some weight for his role in the film, Joker. He lost 52 pounds by only eating raw or steamed vegetables. He went through this transformation with the guidance of a doctor.

Renée Zellweger had to gain or lose pounds for many roles. Her first big transformation came in 2001 when she was asked to gain 20 pounds for her role on Bridget Jone’s Diary. She increased her calorie-intake and later lost it all for her role in Chicago. In 2016, she claimed that dieting was overrated, and she preferred working out than eating less (or more). 

Kirstie Alley, gained 40-50 lbs in just one summer as her weight tends to fluctuate. She loses the weight and goes back to being overweight. Kirstie has never opted for surgical weight loss, as she prefers to achieve everything the traditional way. In 2018 many spoke about her weight and her attempts at stabilizing it.

Jessica Simpson‘s unhealthy lifestyle and stress caused her weight to go up in recent years, and she also gained more during pregnancy. With the help of Michael Alexander training her and an improvement in food choices, she shed 60 pounds.

Rebel Wilson flaunts her slimmer look while revealing her weight loss journey. Back in 2019, Wilson spent two weeks at the facility detoxing her body and spirit.

Rebel Wilson has been making headlines with her continuous weight loss journey. Her amazing transformation has just stunned the whole world after losing 35 pounds. Rebel recently flaunted her slimmer look at Oscars Vanity Fair party. She wants to be an inspiration to ladies all around the world and encourage them to make healthier changes.

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