Céline Dion’s statements 5 years after her husband’s death

Céline Dion has managed to have a successful career, but also a happy family over the years.

However, Céline Dion went through many tragedies and one of them was the death of her husband. He died in 2016 of cancer.

Now the singer and her children have moved on and she is ready to start a new music tour. She also talked about her love life.

In 1986, on 30th March Céline Dion in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. Both her parents were musicians so she was surrounded by music all her life. Her family owned a piano bar, where Céline often sang and entertained the customers with her vocal talent.

As a young child Celine was very insecure because of the appearance of her teeth she didn’t have many friends at school and always felt lonely.

When she was twelve, her parents decided to sent a demo tape to manager and producer Rene Angelil as they knew how talented their child was.

Rene loved the song which was written by Céline and her mother. When Renee he met Céline he was amazed at how she sang in front of him and was convinced she would be a success.

In 1988 Celine represented Switzerland at Eurovision, where she became internationally known. Later Céline became one of the biggest-selling recording artists of all time winning numerous awards, including an Oscar and a Grammy Award.

In 1987 Rene and Céline began their love story and the couple got engaged in 1991.

Their fist son René-Charles Angélil was born in 2001 and they tried to have another child in 2007. However it wasn’t until 2010 they announced that Céline was pregnant again.

After twenty one years of marriage together, doctors told her that Rene was suffering from cancer and they couldn’t do anything, Rene eventually passed away. The singer’s brother also died of some form of cancer.

These were some very difficult times for Céline, but she managed to get over them. She said that she misses her husband very much and that it is hard to lose someone so dear to you.

Currently, Céline wants to start a new music tour. This tournament was planned but due to the pandemic it was postponed for 2023.

Recently, Céline talked about what her life is like now without Rene. She said they still miss Rene, but they know he is always with them and will always be a part of their lives.

Two years ago, Céline said that she is not yet ready to meet new men, but she admitted that she misses having a partner with whom to share the events of her life. She also said she misses being hugged, kissed and having someone to tell the good and bad things to.

Today, Céline said that her life is full of love because of her children and life itself. At the moment she does not feel the need to fall in love again and start a relationship, but she does not know what will happen in the future.