Cop called to house to neglected 8-year-old boy opens the door to see the boy stuffed in a corner saved by the cop

There are certain occasions where a persons good deed will restore your faith in humanity which reminds us how we should aim to be kinder to others.

Jody Thompsonan officer from Oklahoma and his wife were parents to three when  the following life-changing incident took place. 

His  family welcomed additional members not only into their hearts but also their home.

In 2015 Jody received a call of a case of child abuse when he was on duty. Once he arrived at the scene, he was schooled at the utterly gruesome scene.

A young boy was shoved inside a trash barrel while his hands and feet were tied together with a rope. The eight year old boy’s entire body was covered in bruises he was so undernourished his ribs were showing. It also appeared that he was forcefully held in the shower for such a long time he was soaked to the bone.

This was one of the most severe cases of child abuse and neglect Jody had ever witnessed.

Feeling sorry for the young boy Jody promised he would never allow something like this happen to him. John, was rushed to the hospital and Thompson never left his side during that time.

When John recovered from the injuries he was surrounded with all the love and kindness from Jody who offered to adopt him.

John Thompson is now an A-straight student thanks to his new family who helped him forget the ordeal he endured while living with his biological parents.

Another shocking detail about the THompsons  is when John’s mother gave birth tho a baby girl while in prison, they adopted his little sister too. Twenty four hours after her birth the family started the case to officially make her their daughter.

KFSM Fort Smith the interviewer asked Officer Thompson how did he know that he was looking at his future son:

“When I seen him…when I seen him in that house, I knew,” the officer said, tears welling up in his eyes.

Looking at John and officer Thompson, it’s obvious the two love and respect each other endlessly. No one would ever assume John was adopted. He has always been treated equally as the rest of the kids. John said of his father, “he’s [Officer Thompson] is the reason he’s here right now.”

This family are angels for providing two innocent souls with a loving home. We are happy this sweet boy and his little sister got the life they deserve.