In 1965, Paul Harvey’s Warning Was Broadcast — It’s Sadly Come True

You may have heard of the warnings Paul Harvey made in 1965. Now all the warnings have come true. Harvey was a well-known American journalist and had his own radio show.

Every day thousands of listeners were curious about the warnings he would say. His career in radio was long and successful.

Someone thought he was talking to gain an audience, but in fact, his warnings came true. It all started when he said, “If I were the devil,” during a radio talk. He told of many events and problems that we see happening today.

In his speech, he showed that he would not be happy if he had not caught the ripest apple in the tree. “If I were the devil, I would take control of the United States.”

He said he would campaign big and persuade people to believe there was no God. He would influence the youth by removing them from work, marriage, and religion.

It would also fill televisions with embarrassing movies. Some people will ask for more money but less work.

He said he not be accepted even by preachers. Harvey showed that psychology would replace religion and break up families.

His essay became very popular all over the world. He predicted what would happen a few years later in the world.

would direct schools towards intellect but would take it away from the taste of life. Alcohol would become an integral part of life.

According to him, religion would have no value and this would

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