Life with Dr. Phil described by his ex-wife

Dr. Phil’s show was an interesting and captivating one for many people, and he seemed a very good and stable man, but not many details were known about his life before he became a TV star.

However, Debbie Higgins McCall, his ex-wife, spoke of their tumultuous marriage and often referred to her ex-husband as a “dominator.” Dr. Phil didn’t talk much about what happened in his former relationship.

Phil McGraw has become one of the highest paid daytime talk show hosts ever and is supposed to have a fortune of over $ 400 million. However, he has been involved in several scandals such as sexual abuse and the exploitation of people suffering from mental illness.

Phil has been married to Robin McGraw for over 40 years, but has previously been married to Debbie Higgins.

Phil grew up in Texas, but was forced to move to Kansas when his father had a job opportunity. Debbie said Phil didn’t want to move, but his father made him move because he wanted to keep an eye on him, but the move turned out to be a good one for Phil.

In high school Phil was a linebacker on the high school football team and Debbie was a cheerleader. The ideal couple, isn’t it? The two started a relationship in their junior year, but Debbie was not allowed to go on dates until she was 16, but the two decided to continue their relationship. Debbie said in an interview that Phil was kind and sensitive.

In 1970 the two got married, but after the wedding things started to change. Debbie said Phil had become dominant and asked her to stay home to take care of the house, to lift weights to enlarge her chest. She also said Phil was unfaithful to her.

In 2002, Debbie said that her ex-husband never denied that he was unfaithful and told her that this had nothing to do with his feelings for her, but that’s how the world works. In 1973, the two divorced, and Phil remained silent about his first marriage.

Phil never confirmed or denied Debbie’s allegations of infidelity, but generally spoke of why he considered a marriage to fail. He thinks that before you get married you need to talk to your partner about how you will manage your money, how you will raise your children, who will work harder and who will stay home longer.

Phil is currently married to Robin. The two have been in a relationship since 1973, immediately after the divorce.

Later, in 1976, they married and had 2 children together, Jay and Jordan.

Divorces between celebrities are quite captivating for the public and there was talk of what settlement was when Phil and Debbie divorced.

Debbie is rumored to have received $ 1 million following the divorce, but there is no data to confirm this. Unfortunately, Debbie died in 2014. Her brother said he tried to tell Phil about the tragic event, but he never answered the phone or called back.

Below is a picture that Debbie’s daughter posted in honor of her mother.