Pamela on ‘The Doctors’ – nose surgery changed her life

Pamela during her teenage days had a great nose, but it all started changing after the mother of two had her second daughter. She was soon diagnosed with an inflammatory condition known as Rhinophyma. Her nose soon began to change shape and it affected her self-esteem.


She was anxious because of her enormous nose and soon stopped stepping out of her house.

She was lucky enough to get help from the television show The Doctor.

Pamela said on The Doctors, “When I was 15, I had beautiful skin. Puberty set in, acne set in. It started to get worse. When my second child came, I noticed that the shape of my nose changed. And from that point on, my nose began to swell up.”


She continued with tears running down her cheeks, “I was so embarrassed. It has stopped me from leaving the house, I’ve had anxiety for a long time. There’s gotta be a cure for this.”

When she was invited to the studio by the experts on The Doctors it took a lot of courage for her to show up as she never left the house again when she noticed how enormous her nose was getting.


According to UT Southwestern Medical Center, her condition is a skin disorder that “causes the nose to enlarge and become red, bumpy, and bulbous.” Moreover, it is thought to result from severe and untreated rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes “facial redness on the nose and cheeks.”

Its effects can lead to permanent disfigurement if left untreated.


One of the expert doctors, Dr. Ann C Zedlitz, offered to help.

Zedlitz said, “In the early stages, topical medications and some oral medications will suffice as the disease progresses, then we can utilize laser therapy. In the advanced stages, surgical intervention is required. I would like to do all these treatments at no charge if you will accept them.”


Pamela was happy that her dreams will soon come true and Zedlitz was talking about the procedures. Pamela was going to undergo CO2 laser treatment. This procedure delivers heat under the skin and it was done a month before entering the last stages of the transformation.


The last stage was undergoing a special Pan-Facial Volumization. After months of the procedure, she was looking great again and her nose was back to normal.


ER physician Dr. Travis Stork said as Pamela entered the studio after the treatment, “I barely recognize you because you look so great. “I am excited about the new me,” Pamela shared. “I no longer hide behind my hair. It’s truly a new beginning, it was a prayer about 4 years ago, and you guys made it happen. I’m so grateful.”

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