Man Demands Wife Bury Him With All His Money, Her Genius ‘Solution’ Has Him Turning In Grave

The absurd request of the husband surprised everyone, but more surprised his wife. She was an honest woman and a Christian believer. Before she died, her husband made the strange request.

Not only her but no one expected this. He had demanded that when he died, he be buried with his money. But what would he do with that money if he died? This was a strange and comic story. He loved money and had worked hard all his life to earn it.

However, he is not the first person to love money. He wanted money more than himself. Relatives and friends began to think that he was a stingy and greedy man.

He wanted to put all his money in the grave when his wife died. This may have been his last but most important wish. Although it was an illogical request, the woman promised her husband that she would do it. But she did not remain silent.

The wife found a clever way to fulfill her husband’s request. But how?

Her husband had worked all his life and had never spent his money. The woman says that before her husband died, she had asked him to put her in the coffin with his money.

She said he wanted money in the other world. When the old man died, she placed an old shoebox inside his grave. After this action, her friend asked her if she had fulfilled her husband’s request.

She told him that she was a good believer and that she should keep her word. She told him he put all his possessions in the box. “Yes, I put all his property in the box. I put the money in my bank account and put the check in the box,” she said.