Man Posts Photos ‘So Everyone Can See Nightmare’ Inside Wife’s Coffin

Zach Kincaid’s family was devastated and his life was meaningless. His wife Krystil died in a car accident. A 28-year-old boy named Marcos Forestal was speeding in the wrong direction and crashed into the woman’s car.

This was the worst and most difficult moment for Zach and their children. But he did not want to keep this to himself. He decided to share the event on social media. He wanted to show the example of how a family is destroyed when something like this happens.

He does not forgive the culprit and demands the most severe punishment for him. Dad took a picture of the woman’s open coffin and shared it online. These scenes saddened everyone.

The incident happened around 11:30 pm and Krystil was driving her car while talking to Zach on the phone. He shows the difficult moment and the noises he heard.

“Initially, my wife screamed very loudly. Everything was very short, but it seemed to me once lasted a long time. The world fell apart for me and my body started shaking.

Then I heard nothing. The car crashed and people were coming towards it. I started screaming. “She had a baby.”

Between tears, Zach tells the painful story and can not forget this date. He wanted to help his wife.

She was 8 months pregnant and in a few weeks will give birth to their daughter whom they had named Avalynn Onix. When doctors examined his wife, they saw that the child had died.

He saw a similar situation on social media. This was distributed by a well-known boxing champion, who indicated that a drunk was driving in the wrong lane. But at that moment Zach noticed his car on fire.

Zach is very angry and wanted the 28-year-old to be punished. That was the reason he made his story public. He took pictures at her wife’s funeral and shared them on social media. Zach wanted to give a powerful message to the families of people who have died in road accidents.

He did not want to look the other way and was injured. Zach was also surprised and angry at the same time that the drunk could only receive a 10-year sentence for killing his wife and daughter. But the court said this was unintentional.

“He hit my wife,” he said. He hopes for a change in the laws. “My wife and daughter did not deserve this,” says the desperate Zach.