Mom has no words when she hears why her boy is born with snow-white hair

Bence was born in 2015 and his parents were speechless when they first saw him. Their baby was born with snow-white hair and the parents couldn’t figure out why. That is the reason they thought that the little one had albinism, but the doctor had a different opinion about this.Every child is different from the others, and that’s a good thing. We should realize that every baby that comes into this world is truly special, regardless of hair color, skin color or other characteristics. The only thing that matters when a baby is born is to be healthy.About 5 out of 100,000 children are born with albinism. This is a congenital disorder that leaves a person with a complete or partial lack of pigment in their skin, hair and eyes.

Bence was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. He was born a normal child, having 5,400 grams and 54 centimeters.

However, parents could not figure out why their baby was born with completely white hair. That’s why they started to be worry about Bence. They thought their son was ill.

Albinism is not a dangerous disease, but unfortunately children with albism are bullied at school because they are different and the other kids do not realise that being different is not a bad thing.

The doctors did some tests and after a few days the results came. Bence was a perfectly healthy child and his hair was just very light in color. Doctors thought that most likely the baby’s hair will become darker when he grows.

This case was in the media’s attention at the time and doctors explained that most likely Bence has a local lack of pigment in his hair. Also, this lack of pigment can be temporary and will disappear when Bence grows up.

Doctors said that exist a temporary pigmentation disorder and this could be the reason for Bence’s white hair. People with a condition like this are born with light skin or light hair, but these are going darker over time.

Bence’s parents were very happy and relieved to learn that their baby was perfectly healthy. Also, knowing that Bence is healthy, they began to love his white hair because this made him unique. The parents posted some pictures of Bence on the internet and because he is so beautiful, the pictures immediately went viral. People gave him the nickname “The Charming Prince”, which suits him very well. Bence is a really beautiful and special baby, isn’t he?