The parents of two-year-old Sophia, Shelby, and Jonathan Skiles knew only their daughter suffered from allergies but one night she stopped breathing and they rushed to the hospital where they received the news no parent wants to hear.

The doctors discovered her diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma and the girl started fighting for her life. She did chemotherapy but sadly didn’t stop cancer from spreading. The treatments impacted Sophie’s ability to walk, and talk, and her body needed a stem cell transplant.

She spent days and hours close to her girl. She saw a nurse trying her best not to be noticed but she clicked a photo and shared it on social media telling her that she saw her. She said that the nurse’s face dropped a little when she noticed the girl crying.

She saw them trying not to make noise at night and trying to make them feel comfortable and warm.
She saw the 12 hours of nurses putting their lives aside and taking care of sick children and dying kids.

She saw how the nurses made necessary calls to get Sophie what she wanted. Shelby also wrote about the care the nurses took of her too, while talking to her about putting their other duties away, and saw how the staff made everything for the kids’ happiness painting cartoons, playing with Nerf guns, holding their little hands, changing dirty sheets, and wipe their eyes coming out of a room as she heard hard things.

She expressed her gratitude telling them that all the parents see them. These little gestures were a warm home for these kids who were fighting for their life. Shelby’s post made not only the nurses’ but the parents’ hearts touched. They expressed they went through the same situation.

It is so sad that children have to go through these situations while they should be playing, screaming, and being healthy. It is so hard for pediatric nurses to see children in these conditions and knowing they may also pass away one day. We all see you doing your amazing job, that is more than a job.

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