Destinee LaShaee The 30 YO Star Of My 600-Lb Is Found Dead.

Thirty year old, Destinee LaShaee of TLC’s “My 600-Lb. Life “ has passed away as her brother revealed the news on Facebook Destinee was transgender and always referred to herself as “they/them”.

“No no no I’m sorry bro,” wrote her brother. “I accept you for who you are, I accept every flaw that comes with you, I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt you had nobody else to turn to [sic], I’m sorry you felt you had no other option Destiny wouldn’t of [sic] wanted this, lord why keep taking my siblings away, how much can I take

The cause of death has yet to be announced.

LaShanee was the first transgender to appear on the reality show. Her birth name was Matthew Ventress.

She weighed 669 pounds when on joining the show and thanks to reduction surgery on her stomach she llost 229 pounds. When she left the Show she became an influencer and managed to maintain a healthy regimen.

LaShanee also suffered from depression and often just lay in bed and waiting for food which was often her only consolation.

She had a huge desire to lose weight otherwise her weight could be a threat to her health and life.

Sadly the outcome was eventually death and we wait for answers of the cause.

Rest in peace Destinee.

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