People from all around the world praised the father of two children for what he did at a store.

Everything took place in Australia. It was a typical day, and Ryan O’Donnell went grocery shopping with his two kids.

Ryan had no idea what would happen that day in the grocery store.

Ryan and his two kids waited up to pay for their purchases once they had finished shopping. An elderly woman stood in front of them attempting to use her card to pay for her purchases, but her attempts were consistently unsuccessful.

It became obvious after several attempts that the elderly woman did not have enough money on the card, and she was humiliated and saddened by this situation.

When Ryan saw everything, he immediately walked to the cashier and inquired about the cost of the elderly woman’s purchases. She said that she would need to pay $44.

Ryan handed the woman a $50 bill out of his wallet without thinking.

With tears in her eyes and no words to express, the woman asked Ryan how he could thank her for her kindness. Ryan’s response was straightforward: “Don’t worry, have a wonderful day.”

Another supermarket shopper witnessed the entire incident, and they both snapped pictures and shared the story on social media.

Ryan’s act of generosity touched millions of people when this occurrence became widely known, and they had nothing but wonderful words to say about him.

When a local news outlet contacted Ryan and asked as to why he decided to pay for the elderly woman’s groceries, Ryan simply and modestly stated, “I did what my parents taught me to do, to assist others if I could!”

This story installs faith and optimism in humanity as a whole. Because of Ryan, other individuals have the option to show kindness to those in need when the chance presents itself.