Sarah Jessica Parker’s No Makeup Shot Reveals Her Stunning Natural Beauty

Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress mostly known for playing Carrie Bradshaw in the movie “Sex and the City”.

Jessica Parker

She was born on March 25 of 1965 in Nelsonville and had eight siblings. Her parents were divorced and she was raised only by her mother.

She has had a difficult early life which made her stronger and gave her a good work ethic. Jessica Parker got her first professional role when she was only 8 years old.

Jessica Parker

She auditioned and won the role in the movie “The Little Match Girl”. The earnings from it she gave to her mother to support the family.

In 1976 Sarah Jessica Parker got her first role in a Broadway movie.

She started becoming famous and she and her family moved to New Jersey.

In 1998 she appeared in a leading role in “Sex and the City” and it was a big success. She became even more famous and lived among the people.

Her role in this movie was so great for her that it actually influenced her life a lot. She was able to do different ads for Gap, she got to release her own fragrance line and also design a brand new clothing line.

Because of the clothing line, she was able to raise $4.6 million, with every item costing less than $15.

Jessica Parker

Jessica’s beauty has always been admired by anyone. She is now 56 years old and is as beautiful as always.

Jessica Parker

Even with no makeup, Jessica is still a beauty icon.

Jessica Parker

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