Shooter starts shooting in high school cafeteria but is immediately taken down by courageous math teacher

Before this tragedy could strike, this 40-year-old teacher did the unbelievable.

Angela McQueen, a timid math teacher, handled the shooter while he started the fire at students eating lunch.

We should give her a show of approval!

The quantity of shootings in the schools around U.S. is faltering. The majority of them bring about honest understudies and educators being either harmed or left dead, and that is past miserable.

The shootings cast dark shadow over the instructive establishments which ought to in any case be protected sanctuaries for the understudies.

Along these lines, rather than finding a sense of contentment while their youngsters are at school, many guardians stress for their safety.

These occurrences are normally simple to convey in view of the way that purchasing a firearm in the nation is quite simple. Furthermore, as the more extensive public requests stricter firearm control regulations to be passed, the discussion is as yet going on.

Among the potential casualties and individuals associated with the shootings, there is generally somebody who is sufficiently fearless to battle against the shooter. This is a direct result of these individuals that the loss of life of shootings is lower than it might have been.

In a new mishap that occurred at Mattoon High School in Illinois, such bold individual who ensured understudies will not get injured is educator Angela McQueen. She has been filling in as a P.E instructor at the school for quite some time and is viewed as a modest individual and a marvellous teacher.

At the point when she reviews that day, Angela says that the main thing that entered her thoughts after she detected the adolescent lifting the firearm was, “You won’t do this to my children.”

As the kid began discharging shots, Angela didn’t hold back even a piece before she attempted to incapacitate him.

“I sprang into action because I looked over and I saw a student pull a gun out and he was aiming it at students to his right,” Angela said in a video delivered by the Illinois Education Association.

“I immediately lunged at the gun and I got the gun up in the air as quick as I could, as fast as I could because I didn’t want him to hit the students.”

Angela held down the shooter who was all the while attempting to utilize the weapon and discharged two or three shots into the roof. When a shot was heard, one more educator surged towards the cafeteria, and before long, it was loaded with cops who incapacitated the youngster.

Bridget Shanahan, representative for the Illinois Education Association said that one 16-year-old understudy was shot during the occurrence, however he recuperated and was before long let out of the medical clinic.

The shooter whose name wasn’t uncovered on the grounds that he’s a minor was accused of one count of disturbed battery with a gun.

Angela’s speedy reasoning aided in keeping more prominent misfortune from occurring that September 20, 2017.

“Had the teacher not responded as quickly as she had, I think the situation would have been a lot different,” Mattoon police Chief Jeff Branson said.

When the shooter was in the possession of the police, Angela ensured everybody was fine.

“She was walking around and making sure everything was OK. And I went up and gave her a hug and thanked her because she could have — that could have been a lot worse and she made it to where it wasn’t,” understudy Anna Morton told CBS.

What Angela did that day made her a legend. Her enormous heart and bravery got her the honor for outstanding service.

“We are forever grateful to Angela for her courageous actions that saved the lives of our kids. She was a ray of light in our darkest hour,” Superintendent Larry Lilly said in the delivery.