Teen who got rejected before prom hears Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s voice over school’s loudspeaker

All of Katie Keizenber’s friends know that the senior at Stillwater High School in Oklahoma loves Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  She can recite the lines to his movies, she’s followed his wrestling career and believes that he is an all around super guy.  Most of the world agrees with that these days.

Her love for “The Rock” is what made her do it.  She couldn’t think of anyone she would rather go to the senior prom with than the wrestling superstar.  Katie gathered up all the courage she could and wrote to Mr Johnson asking him to be her date.  When he responded you won’t believe how he did it… this is something she will always remember.

Katie assumed he was too busy since she didn’t hear back from him.  It made perfect sense because of his schedule.  Then something perplexing happened.  Katie was sitting in her classroom one ordinary day.  Just like every other day the announcements started over the speakers in the class.  Katie knew that was not the regular kid that was doing the announcements.  There was a different yet familiar voice echoing in the the room.

It was her beloved Dwayne! He had called to the Stillwater High administration and secretly recorded the daily announcements. First, Dwayne greeted the student body and wished them well. Then he turned his attention to Katie! The moment Dwayne mentioned her name, the entire classroom turned around in shock! Was she dreaming? Could this be happening? The Rock regretfully had to decline the invite due to some schedule conflicts. But he did have something special up his sleeve for Katie!

Watch as Dwayne surprises Katie. This is how more of Hollywood should treat their fans instead of ignoring them. Dwayne is a stand up guy, going above and beyond for his biggest fan.

If you want to see what “The Rock” did for his biggest fan check out the video below.