They could hardly wait for their little girl to be born

A newborn was born with a birthmark that covered a third of her face, giving her the appearance of the superhero Batman, according to her parents.

When Natalie arrived with a large mask-like mark on part of her forehead, nose, and around her left eye, Andrew, 34, and Lacey Jackson, 35, were taken aback.

When a nurse pulled the newborn up after she was delivered through Caesarean section on January 9 this year, the parents said they were “struck with panic.”

Doctors fear Natalie’s birthmark will continue to expand and pose health problems, according to Mrs. Jackson, and the couple is concerned that she may encounter cruel treatment as she grows older.

“Hearing her first cry was incredibly beautiful,” the mother said of the birth. After my C-section, the nurse raised our child up, and I noticed the large black bruise on the left side of her face.

“She was stunning, but she appeared to have a bruise, and I was concerned that it was due to something I had done to her during my pregnancy.”

“Medics stated it was only a birthmark, and she was breathing and healthy,” she said.

Mrs. Jackson began to worry about what other people would think of the mark as she cradled her newborn, who weighed 7lb 1oz.

“As I hugged our precious baby girl, feeling enamored with her, I worried that people would only perceive her for her birthmark, rather than the beautiful person I knew she would grow up to be,” she explained.

“At that point, I made the decision that we would love her unconditionally and give her every ounce of confidence in the world, so she could see how lovely she is – and how she can do everything she desires.”

Mr. Jackson, who was born in Hull before moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with his wife, works for a software company, while Mrs Jackson works as an autopsy technician.

Elliott, who is seven years old, and Devin, who is four years old, are the couple’s older children. And after meeting their baby sister for the first time, the kids came up with a superhero moniker for her.

“One of the boys questioned, ‘What’s that on her face, mummy?’ said Mrs. Jackson. ‘What exactly is the black mark?’ I informed him that it was her superhero costume. I assured them she could do anything as a result of it.

“People tell us how beautiful she is and how great her birthmark is, and we couldn’t agree more.”

“We’ll always tell her it’s a part of who she is and who she’s destined to be,” said the family. People will always remember how unique she is because of her birthmark, as well as how lovely she is on the inside and out.”

Natalie’s parents took her to an ophthalmologist, an expert in diagnosing eye disorders, a week after she was born.

They wanted to make sure the birthmark wasn’t affecting her vision, so they took her to a dermatologist and a skin specialist, as well as had her undergo an MRI scan.

Natalie faces a multitude of health concerns as she grows up as a result of the deformity, but her parents have surprisingly opted not to remove their daughter’s black blotch.

Strangers cast curious stares at the toddler on the street, but Natalie’s parents are unconcerned.

They believe that “being different is wonderful” and that she should embrace her birthmark in the hopes of becoming a stronger person as a result of it.

“The dermatologist informed us it was a birthmark, but it would grow with her, so it would always cover a huge area of her face,” Mrs. Jackson explained.

“Despite the fact that her birthmark puts her at a slightly higher risk of developing melanoma, a type of skin cancer, due to the possibility of abnormal cells growing, it was still a huge relief.”

“We know she’ll face some challenges, but her mark indicates she’ll be resilient no matter what life throws at her.”