This Beautiful Color Test Can Determine Your Dominant Gender!

What is your dominant gender? Male, female, or unisex? Take this color personality test to know what dominant gender is in you.

Well, colors are an important part of nature and without them, life would be meaningless. We are attracted to different flowers because of their stunning colors and love to spend time in the evening sitting in our garden. Isn’t it?

Similarly, we enjoy eating certain fruits like mango, pomegranate because of their eye-catching colors. Now imagine life without colors – how does it feel to eat a black and white banana? Or sitting in a garden with just black flowers? That’s so incomplete and unsatisfactory! Not to mention why black and white movies are so boring to watch.

That’s not all! Colors are also important to gain essential information like a traffic signal on the road that helps us avoid accidents, ripeness of fruits, rotten food, personality, and gender as well.

Are you wondering how can color personality test reveal your gender?

There is a vast literature available on people’s perception of colors and their associated meanings. 

Dominant gender-color psychology is an important branch of psychology and Dr. Max Luscher introduced “The Color Test”. He was a Swiss psychologist and discovered this color test to know your color choice and find out the actual nature of the human being. 

Men and women are drawn to different colors and shades of colors based on their thinking, perspective towards life, mood, likes, and dislikes. For instance, men are more likely to choose blue, green, orange, and darker, smoky, bolder hues. On the other hand, women are attracted to pink, red, maroon, and other softer, muted tones. Since men and women choose different shades of color, there is a strong association between color and gender.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take this color personality test to determine your dominant gender:

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