‘Three’ Girls Play Fiddle For Camera But Dance Moves Make Them Instant Online Stars

You need a lot of talent and hard work to play an instrument, to sing and even to dance. Moreover, people take years and years trying to be perfect at their craft. However, this girl has done the impossible. Hillary Klug can play the fiddle, clog dance and sing— all at the same time!

The young musician got her big break when she uploaded her rendition of the country classic “Cotton Eyed Joe” in her youtube channel in 2018. Expressly, she has an impressive 4.4 million views on the viral video! Although this is a considerable achievement for any artist, Hillary keeps upping her game. In her most ambitious video yet, Hillary multiplies her talent by 3. And it is extraordinary!

triple threat

Hillary begins her fiddle routine in a dark parking lot with the song that made her a hit online, “Cotton Eyed Joe.” This time around, she even sings the words along with dancing and playing the string. However, that is not even the main twist! Midway through, she stops playing, and two other Hillary’s join her in the background! Moreover, all three of them start dancing in flawless coordination. And better yet, they sync up and start playing the fiddles in perfect harmony. Watch the intricate performance below: