When she notices a pit bull dog shivering in the cold, a woman offers her own coat!

We adore our furry friends and always try our hardest to make them happy! At Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a woman waiting for her bus caught a unique scene. Kristina Hollie observed someone doing something admirable for her pet.

The dog had to be put outdoors in the bitter cold because she had to go inside the neighborhood post office to complete some routine errands.

Because it was against the rules for her to bring him into the office, she immediately took off her coat to cover him. But she didn’t stop there; she continued. To ensure that the dog is completely sheltered from the cold, she zipped up the coat.

People passing by had to stop and take pictures of the dog and the woman because they were so lovely together. This brightened their day. The good boy looked comfortable and stylish. He looks great in that color, and you can feel the happiness and gratitude in his beautiful eyes.

Pet owners should always provide for their furry companions, just like the woman in the video, who is the ideal illustration of how we must ensure that their needs are met because they are unable to communicate verbally as we can. Share this video and carry out more wonderful actions like this every day and whenever you get the chance.

Please watch the video below: