Kate Hudson Explains Her Decision To Raise Her Daughter ‘Genderless’

There have always been folks very interested in the private lives of celebrities. Today, they might follow them on social media, read stories about them, or go to special events to get a glimpse of their favorite celeb. Somehow getting to know our favorite celebrities is a fantasy many of us share. Even stars dream about meeting their favourite’s!

However, most celebrities are understandably very guarded about their personal lives. And while we may envy them for their wealth and fame, most of us would not love dealing with the constant attention they deal with daily. This attention nearly destroyed Susan Boyle back when she became an overnight sensation.

However, Kate Hudson recently shared personal details about her private life. The actress has three children and most recently gave birth to the first girl in her family, Rani. She decided that she would raise her little girl “genderless,” and this decision has received criticism and praise from the public.

The actress spoke about her decision in an interview in which she explained her reasons and the main differences in raising a “genderless” child.

While she decided to raise her little girl genderless, Hudson isn’t afraid to allow her daughter to express her feminine side.

She even says that she enjoys purchasing pretty girl clothes for her daughter because it’s so different than shopping for boys. She considers this activity a fun part of raising a little girl.

Hudson herself grew up with all her brothers and realized that she had many benefits from growing up in a primarily male household. And it seems she may have been inspired by other celebrity parents who likewise decided to raise their children genderless, a trend many other parents are also following.

Below you can watch an interview with Kate Hudson as she explains her decision in greater detail.

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