Baby Born With Mermaid Tail Lives Long Enough For His Parents To Be Able To Hold Him In Their Arms

Stefan Shaw tells about the painful event of his life. He and his ex-girlfriend Chelby were expecting their baby to come to life but something unusual happened.

They wanted to have their child and take care of him. But the doctors informed him that the child would have some major health problems. In the 20th week of pregnancy, they realized that their son would not have kidneys.

This broke the hearts of the young parents, who were eagerly awaiting this moment. Chelby was finally born and they took their baby in their arms.

Joseph was a very handsome boy. After the birth, the doctors realized that the boy was missing both the digestive organs and the genitals. So the chance of him living would be very small. His legs were joined and resembled a mermaid.

They decided to escort their son with dignity from this world. They, therefore, led Joseph to be baptized at the Royal Derby Hospital. He found it difficult to breathe and died in the arms of his parents.

Stefan reveals that the baby was in his arms when he passed away. He was very sad. Both were heartbroken by this event and now everything had changed. Stefan and his ex-girlfriend would have a baby together, but that was their fate.

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