Mom grabbed her camera when she heard this sound coming from the bathroom

Babies bring immense joy in the lives of their parents and their families. From the moment they are welcomed into the world, they become the apple of their mommy and daddy’s eye, who do all in their power to spend as much time as possible with their tiny bundle of joy.

Because children grow up so fast, it is very important to cherish every moment we spend with them and keep all the fun memories close to our hearts.

The following video is one of the cutest we have stumbled upon. It shows a newborn baby having his first bath with his daddy and it’s beyond adorable. The liitle one seems very curious and interested in what daddy says to him, although he’s way too young to understand what is going on.

This bonding time is too sweet not to be caught on camera, so mommy rushes to grab it and put it on tape.

Once the sweet baby is all grown up, he will certainly love seeing this moment.

The video has been seen more than 9.8 million times. You can check it out below.

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