Dad slammed for using a LEASH to take his five-year-old quintuplets for a walk

Jordan Driskell is taking criticism online for walking his 5-year-old quintuplets on a leash in public.

Jordan, 31, stated that children are so curious that they want to run out and discover. The family uses a leash for their own peace of mind and safety. It also allows them to get out of the house and do pleasant things as a family without feeling rushed.


Driskell, who has Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin with his wife, Briana, 34, mentioned that they used to have a 6-seat stroller.

It was simply too big and ludicrous to bring anywhere, the Kentucky father explained. Also, when they go somewhere busy, kids prefer to wander.  A leash allows them to do so while keeping them in control. They adore it.

Driskell was publicly ridiculed after posting a video of the quintuplets on a leash during a day excursion to an aquarium. The video was released last year, but it has just gone viral, with over three million views and counting.

Some of the comments in his feed include: “They are humans, not dogs.”

“Can’t you just properly train your children?” Discuss to them why fleeing is risky.”

“If you can’t manage the pressure, don’t have so many kids.”

“That’s a disaster. If you can’t handle that many kids, don’t get kids at all.”

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a parenting and adolescent development specialist, had a different perspective.

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Gilboa stated that this is an example of an inventive issue solution. This is not treating children as if they are animals. The alternative would be to just stay at home.

People, according to Gilboa, should temper their judgment.

It’s a fantastic method for parents who have a neurodiverse kid or a youngster who hasn’t mastered all of their listening abilities, she said. Ninety-nine percent of parents want what’s best for their children, and they’re doing it to address an issue. Only because you can’t see the problem doesn’t imply it doesn’t exist.

According to Gilboa, neurotypical children should be off leash and using voice control by the age of eight or nine.

By that time, you should have another system in place to keep track of your children in public, Gilboa explained. Being on a leash in seventh grade would be weird!

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