Pregnant woman notices an angel kissing her unborn child on ultrasound

Carrying a child has to be one of the best feelings a woman can ever experience. Giving birth is a miracle all by itself, and the joy a child brings in their parents’ lives is immense.

A woman named Shantel Carrillo was overly excited when she fell pregnant, so when she was in the fifth month, she shared a photo of the ultrasound on her social media.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to her, but her friends were quick to notice something pretty unusual. “It looks like a person is kissing the baby on the photo,” one person wrote, and soon, many commented that they see the image as well.

After looking at the photo closely, Shantel not only noticed the image of a person kissing her unborn child, but she realized that the ‘angel’ shown on the ultrasound looked very familiar.

“It was honestly like a punch in the chest, like, how awesome it was to see that. It’s nice to look at and it’s a great story to tell,” she said as she shared that she was certain the angel kissing her unborn daughter looked exactly like her deceased father.

Shantel then posted a side-by-side photos of the ultrasound and another one in which her dad holds her older daughter.

The resemblance between the two pictures is uncanny.

“It has his nose, his little chubby cheeks, his little double chin, and my dad wore a hat like all the time. It looks like the bill of his hat and his lips are just touching hers so perfectly,” she told Fox5.

Shantel’s dad died of heart attack back in 2016, but she’s now certain that even though he’s no longer around, he watches over them from Heaven.

Asked if she’s convinced the person appearing on the ultrasound is her father, this mom said, “I can’t really think of it as any other way, if you knew my dad he loved to be the center of attention. Makes me feel like he is watching over my new daughter. It’s just a beautiful thing.”

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