Here is the story of the girl covered in polka dots – Matilda Callaghan

Rebecca Callaghan had a complicated pregnancy which is why doctors decided to induce labor early. Unfortunately, the doctors noticed that the baby had a blue mark on her face that reached her body. Matilda was diagnosed with Sturge Weber’s syndrome, a very rare neurological skin disease. Unfortunately, this syndrome can cause learning difficulties, seizures and even paralysis.

Matilda became ill and was taken to Adler Hey Children’s Hospital. The parents said they could not go to the hospital with their little girl and all they could do was wait to find out if they would ever see their baby again.

The doctors also told the parents that Matilda had 2 holes in her heart. Fortunately, Matilda was a real fighter and managed to survive the surgery. At the same time, Matilda started a laser treatment to get rid of the birthmark, but it can take up to 16 years to be completely successful.

Paul, Matilda’s father, said that he always makes sure that his little girl does the right treatment and is always with her, but there are people who blame her parents and say that because of them the little girl looks like that. Fortunately, Matilda was a very happy and loved child, even though the laser treatment was painful.

Paul said that people look at Matilda differently, and some of them avoid her, although she is a wonderful child who unfortunately had the misfortune to be born with a sign on her face. However, people should see the birthmark past because that sign does not define Matilda.

Also, the disease almost blinded Matilda and she moves with the help of a special walking frame. Although Matilda has had to fight all her life, she is a child with a smile on her face.

Paul said that Matilda smiles at anyone even though people don’t notice her, they stare at her and talk from behind when they see her. Now Matilda is 8 years old and she is a wonderful child and her parents are very proud of her and enjoy every day spent together.

The parents also organized a fundraiser to buy the girl a new wheelchair so that she could continue to enjoy her daily activities.

Matilda is definitely a wonderful child and should not be judged for the way she looks. Each of us must be grateful for what we have and we must empathize with people who have been less fortunate. If we can give a person a smile or make their day more beautiful, we should do so without thinking.