Melania Trump has a response for historian who mocked her for the design of White House’s garden

A common thing for the presidents’ wives is that each of them makes their personal mark on the White House. They do this through a new setting for example, but the best known remains the Rose Garden, which has become iconic for the White House and the public. The Rose Garden is used for various events. For example, during Donald Trump’s presidency it was used for press conferences.

Melania Trump has decided that it is important to invest in garden infrastructure and garden security, which is why she has invested in cameras, audio equipment, paving, lighting. Also, the first lady wanted the garden to become accessible for people with disabilities. Melania’s changes to the garden were among her last actions at the White House.

There are more people who are not happy with the changes brought by Melania because they believe that now the garden looks more like an outdoor cinema scene than a garden. Also, people do not understand why Melania decided to give up the famous roses in the garden. Many people disagree that Melania Trump removed 10 trees planted during John F. Kennedy’s presidency

Although she received a lot of negative reactions from people and the press, Melania said that those trees had to be removed because they affected the other flowers in the garden because they did not allow light to reach the flowers. It also seems that those trees will be planted elsewhere, also near the White House.

However, some people still did not agree with the decisions taken by Melania and there was an online petition signed by over 80,000 people demanding that the garden be restored as it looks before.

Melania never responded to these accusations, but in August 2021 she decided to speak because the discussions reappeared as it was 1 year since the gardens were restored.

Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian, said that Melania Trump managed to erase American history and what she did is called “evisceration.”

This was when Melania decided to give an explanation that many people had been waiting for.

Melania pointed out that Michael used a deceptive image to mislead the world. Melania is also supported by the current first lady, Jill Biden, who recently posted a picture of the garden arranged by Melania, and the roses were just blooming.

In the present Melania decided to continue working to help children with health problems. She also tries to reduce and prevent social media bullying because nowadays online bullying is a real problem that many people face every day, both children and adults.

I think that related to the garden, Melania tried to do what she thought was best based on her own taste and although it is normal to have different opinions, she should be treated with respect.