Orphaned Baby Walrus Meets Caregiver And Wants To Cuddle

Fishermen in Barrow, Alaska, spotted a lone baby walrus and phoned the Alaska SeaLife Center for assistance.

When the newborn walrus saw his new caregivers, all he wanted to do was cuddle.

Young walruses typically stay with their mother for two years before being able to survive on their own. The baby walrus was just 4 to 6 weeks old when discovered, and was far too young to be separated from his mother. Fortunately, local fisherman were aware of the situation and sought assistance from the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Seward, Alaska is home to the Alaska SeaLife Center. According to its website, the organization is not just a public aquarium with a marine research and education center, but it is also the state’s only permanent marine animal rescue and rehabilitation facility.

As a result, they were delighted to take in a helpless young walrus.

Because walruses are extremely gregarious animals, the team at the Alaska SeaLife Center knew that the tiny calf need a lot of love and attention. They understood they had to take over as the baby walrus’ caregivers if the baby was to survive.

The heartwarming moment when the calf first met his new family can be seen below: