The secret daughter of Princess Diana with Prince Charles

There are several conspiracies that Princess Diana and Prince Charles have a secret daughter together! What would it be like to find out that there is a princess that has not been known before?

This theory has been circulating in the press for many years and has been discussed several times.

For several years, royal insiders have been hearing rumors that Diana has given birth to a baby girl named Sarah, who is now in her 40s and is older than Prince William.

According to magazine publications, the queen told Diana to go for a gynecological check-up before getting engaged to her son to make sure Diana was able to have children, which was very important for the royal family.

The outrageous story claims that Diana’s eggs were harvested and then fertilized with Prince Charles ’sperm.

Subsequently, the results showed that Diana is able to have children naturally and is completely healthy. However, instead of the embryos being destroyed, one of the doctors implanted it in his wife, making her the unwitting surrogate mother of Diana and Charles’ biological child.

Diana wanted to have a daughter, so she formed a close relationship with goddaughter Mary Wellesley.

These rumors disappeared from the press for a while, but they reappeared, and Camilla was not happy to hear them.

She doesn’t like the fact that this story is in the media’s attention again.

Diana’s name was once again the focus of attention and everywhere in the press she infuriated Camilla. Diana is probably always present in the family and is talked about very often, and this can be difficult for Camilla and now Diana is in the press again.

However, all these rumors about a secret daughter remain unsubstantiated until proven otherwise.

Diana loved the two boys very much, but she told the friends that she wished she had a daughter, so she had a strong connection with her goddaughter Mary Wellesley.

Patrick Jephson, the late princess’ former private secretary, said Diana was very happy when her boys were born, but it happens that his daughters were born when he worked with Diana and she always told him that he was lucky to be have girls.

Unfortunately, Diana never had a daughter.

Lady Mary Wellesley is now a very smart and hardworking woman. Her sister-in-law is supermodel Jemma Kidd, and Mary herself has posed nude twice – once mermaid-style – for portrait artist Howard Morgan, a risky act that would no doubt have appealed to Diana’s mischievous sense of humor.

Going back to the rumors about Diana and Charles’ secret daughter, her name would be Sarah and she would be 8 months older than Prince William. If these rumors were true, then Sarah would be the next heiress to Prince Charles.

It also appears that Duchess Kate met Sarah, which appeared in the press to Camilla’s displeasure.

At the moment we do not know if these rumors could be true or not and we will probably never know, especially if the royal family does not want us to be! However, it would be news that would amaze the entire planet if it turned out to be true and certainly many things would change. Such a big change in the royal family could even affect our lives!