Toby Keith Makes Heartbreaking Announcement But Remains Hopeful For a Return

Toby Keith made a heartbreaking announcement yesterday about his health. The country music legend shared his testament on June 12 on social media.

He revealed that he has been fighting and battling cancer for the last six months with radiation, chemo, and surgery.

He said he needs time to recover, breathe and relax. Toby will spend time with his family and recover with the hope to return to the stage soon.

I will see fans sooner than later, Keith said in his statement. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

His official website says that he will be playing at Ribfest on June 17, but it is very unclear if he still has the plan to do so.

Celebrities took to Instagram to wish him a speedy recovery and pray for his health.

We will see you soon, Keith! We wish you a speedy recovery and a good time relaxing with your family and friends!

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