Weddings are joyful and unique occasions, but reading about the beautiful acts of kindness performed at these events may be even more special.

Weddings are beautiful and pleasant occasions, but reading about the great actions performed out of pure love during these ceremonies may be even more meaningful. Millions of viewers of the film were moved to tears by what a woman named Elizabeth did for her future husband.

On January 27, 2018, in Sydney, Australia, Elizabeth and Scott were scheduled to marry. Everything was flawless.

The lovely bride was getting ready for the big moment, which would be a huge and completely unexpected surprise for the groom, when she entered the room with her son.

At the age of five, Scott started to lose his hearing, and three days later he was completely deaf. A music started playing in the background as Elizabeth got ready to approach the altar.

The wife, who had two kids, had been learning sign language ever since they had first met two years prior.

Elizabeth mastered singing the love song in sign language three months before the wedding.

When Scott realized what his wife was doing, he started crying.

After the below video became viral, Elizabeth stated: “I received messages from all around the world.

My greatest comments came from parents of disabled kids who said I inspired them to believe that one day, their kids will find real love.”