A baby with terrible burns on his face was finally adopted 7 years later

Deyvion was just a baby that was sleeping in his crib, in his home, when a fire started in the basement and ripped all the way to his room. Neighbors called firefighters immediately, and they were able to save the little baby from the fire. Unfortunately, he has severe burns on his face.

The main thing was that Dayvion was rescued and survived the horrible accident. He was taken to the hospital, to the special burns unit where he was recovering day by day.pic

Only the doctors and nurses were by his side. He had no family which he could count on during the whole recovery process. Five years later, he finally became a foster child to a single mother of 2 named Beth Plunkett. Beth had said that she fell in love with Deyvion pretty quickly when she got to know him.

Beth has also added that everyone that meets them says that he is so lucky that Beth came into his life. But to that, she always replays that she is also lucky she found him. After 2,500 days, Deyvion found a family and was about to go back to his new home with Beth.

Beth has said that the only thing that she wants for Deyvion is to be happy. He is a lucky little boy and that he will live up to have goals and the opportunities to achieve those goals. She has added that God has something very special planned for him.

Deyvion now has a new home with a mother and siblings that love him. He also has the firefighters that saved him that horrible night. All of the firefighters, including Deputy Chief Eric Smith from the South Metro Fire Department in Raymore, never forgot the night that they pulled him out of the fire.

On the big day, when Deyvion and Beth had to go to the court office to make everything official, Smith and his crew gave him a special jacket and hat. They all got into the fire truck and went straight to the court office.

Smith has said that he is one lucky and special boy. He also added that day it was a miracle that they found him and were able to save him.

These are the stories that need to be more promoted in the media. This young little boy will, from now on, be surrounded by loved ones that care and look after him. He deserves to be happy and live a normal life after what has happened to him.

He is a true inspiration. Make sure to share his story around.