Father left furious after his daughters’ hair was cut off by her teacher

Michigan’s dad was furious after he found out that his daughter’s school teacher had cut out her hair without getting the family’s permission.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer revealed the incident happened just a few days before spring break. When he went over to the school to confront them about it, he claimed that they just left him even more confused than he already was.

Jimmy, also contacted the school many times to ask them why they did such a thing to his daughter. Unfortunately, no one would give him answers.

The father revealed that this was not the first time his daughter had come with cut hair from school. He said that one week before the incident, his daughter had her haircut from another student. He then sent her to a hairstylist to fix it. But not too long passed until her teacher decided to cut it so short, it left the daughter going home in tears.

Jimmy is still waiting for the school to give him a proper explanation as to why they did such a thing to his daughter.

After she came home, he thought that another student from the school had cut her hair again. But this time it was worse, because his daughter was missing most of her locks. However, Jimmy soon realized that this haircut wasn’t made from another child, but from a teacher.

Jimmy said that his daughter was embarrassed to go back to class the next day. He was so furious, he immediately contacted the school to demand answers as to why a teacher would do this. Even though he did receive an apology from the school district, they refused to give him a proper explanation as to what happened and why the teacher decided to cut his daughter’s hair.

The father decided it was best to enroll his daughter in a different school. This situation led to modifying Michigan’s Elliott Larsen civil rights act. It made it illegal to cut or remodel Ethnic hair textures such as curly hair, locks braids, and twists by schools.