Intruder Attacks Small 67 YO Woman, She Didn’t Know She Had Black Martial Arts Belt

We always hear robbery news, and attacks on old people, and this news is about an old lady who was attacked and defended herself at her apartment complex.

The woman’s name is Lorenza Marrujo 67-year-old, with a petite body, not too tall but has six years of experience in martial arts.

At the time that intruder entered her house, she yelled at him to back off. She used her experience in martial arts to defend herself and her neighbor of eighty-one-year-old. She claims that the intruder grabbed her and fell her to the ground. The sixty-seven-year-old woman heard her screaming and ran to see what was happening.

After arriving she managed to put herself between the lady and the intruder and after securing the lady, she jumped at him and had her cane against his throat. She used this method with her hands because she did not want to kill him. Of course, the intruder did not want to stay in that position so he tried to twist her hand so he could escape but she was quicker and twisted and spun around so quick.

He started to yell and felt pain. She did not care because he should have thought more before attacking an elderly person. Meanwhile, the police were called, and by the time they arrived, he got arrested.
McCray said that she did not expect the woman to be so brave. She said that she was shivering and to be careful.

Police warned people to call 911 and not to handle these situations by themselves. They claimed that they encouraged people to call 911 which the woman did but she also did not wait for them so she jumped in to help her friend.

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