Mom Gives Birth To Identical Triplets, Chances Of This Happening Are 1 in 200 Million

It is for real an exciting time for a mother when she finds out that is expecting a baby.

This news can be sometimes even scary when you find out that the mother or baby is in danger.

Becki is from England and mother to a little angel named Indiana. She felt uncomfortable one day and suspected pregnancy. She knew nothing that something big was going to happen.

I had a terrible headache and booked a scan, and found out that I was expecting triplets.

It was shocking for us. We prepared for these tiny babies to be part of our family.

After 31 weeks, Becki went to the hospital.

It was the time to give birth. She had three boys, Roman, Rocco, and Rohan. But they were not healthy. All of the boys were 3lbs 5’ – 3lbs 10’.

Boys were rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and kept there for three weeks.

When Becki was able to get up and see her boys she noticed something strange.

All of them were identical. Chances of giving birth to identical triplets are one in 200 million.

She tested their DNA and the results came positive. She was the mother of rare identical triplets.

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