Mom Hides Microphone In Autistic Son’s Backpack, One Day Later, 2 Abusive Teachers Are Fired

Melissa Davis was thinking that something was up with her son Cameron. His behavior changed suddenly and she was very worried about that.

Melissa wanted to investigate further what caused her son to change his behavior. She sent her son to school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a hidden microphone in his backpack.

She wasn’t prepared for what she would hear from the sound recordings. Her son started wetting the bed and became very aggressive at home.

The 12-year-old boy suffers from severe autism and his mother suspects he is being mistreated at school.

She contacted the school but they didn’t help her with anything, so she decided to act on her own.

What she heard from the sound recordings shocked her. She heard that he was being mocked and harassed by his teachers.

You are just writing the word, what is hard about it? a teacher was heard saying. These teachers were also saying that the boy wouldn’t make it for a minute in a public school.

Melissa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. My son was there every day and I don’t know what happened before this recording.

She published everything on social media and it went viral. TV companies shared the recordings also, and this resulted in the two teachers losing their jobs.

The school apologized to the boy’s family. Melissa moved her son to a new school with the hope he will be treated the way he should.