Woman Was ‘Dead’ For 27 Minutes, But As Soon As She Woke Up She Scribbled A Spine-Chilling Message

This event shows that miracles do happen. Tina is a married woman with four children and a very beautiful married life. When she was walking with her husband, she had a serious problem. Her heart stopped for about 27 minutes. Tina suffered a heart attack while walking. After that, when she woke up, the woman scribbled a spine-chilling message that left everyone shocked.

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Her husband tried to give first aid. He performed CPR and she was in very serious condition. During the transport to the hospital, Tines’s heart stopped 6 times and this greatly worsened her health condition. Her husband called the ambulance. Doctors are trying to keep him alive.

For them, it was almost impossible for her to survive. She was fighting for her life. In all, her fight lasted 27 minutes and all hope was lost.

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The doctors did their best and finally, the miracle happened. Her whole family prayed that Tina would live. When she started to breathe, everyone rejoiced.

After she was mentioned she asked for something. She asked for a pen and paper. Everyone understood that she was writing an important message.

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They told Tina a letter and she wrote a touching message. The woman scribbled a heartbreaking message that shocked everyone. This message made her husband start to cry. To see the whole story and its message, you can watch the full video of the event.

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