While Shooting a Movie, Actor Ray Liotta of ‘GoodFellas’ Fame Has Passed Away

Actor Ray Liotta was just 67 years old when he passed away. The well-known actor of Field of Dreams, Goodfellas, and Grand Theft Auto was in the Dominican Republic at that time.

He was filming a new movie when he tragically died in his sleep. His fiancée was also there at that time.

Liotta is a father to one child he has with his ex-wife. He got engaged in 2020 with Jacy.

It was interesting that he met his fiancée through their children. Jacy wasn’t impressed and wanted nothing to do with him.

Liotta won her heart. He was raised in New Jersey and was an Emmy winner.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during these hard times.

Liotta was adopted by his mother Mary and father Alfred. He has his feelings according to adoption and once opened up.

I couldn’t understand how a parent could give up his child, and I was raised with that kind of energy, Riotta said. I met my birth mom in my 40s, and I wasn’t angry about it at that time.

When you grow up you just see things differently and understand the pattern of things.

I developed more patience and I am grateful for everything, he added. My life could have gone a lot differently if my parents didn’t adopt me.

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