Woman in coma met Jesus in heaven and returned bearing a message from God

A terrible vehicle accident left a woman in severe condition, and she is currently being treated in the hospital. She got to heaven and met Jesus while she was still on life support, and she claimed that the time there felt like a thousand years.

A terrible car accident put the woman inside into a coma.

In March of 2000, Valerie Paters was involved in an accident that resulted in the destruction of her vehicle when it was pinned under the weight of a tractor-trailer.

Valerie was unconscious when the first responders arrived, and they didn’t have high hopes that she would survive the incident.

In the meantime, Cheryl, her sister, prayed to God about the situation. In spite of the disheartening news, she maintained her faith in God and proclaimed that her sister would still have a chance at life.

She made a claim in the Bible for her sister based on Psalm 118:17, which states, “I will not die but live, and will tell what the LORD has done.”

And as a result, it inspired her and helped her regain her faith. In light of this, she was shaken to her very core by the Word of God, despite the fact that the situation appeared to be hopeless when she met her sister.

As time went on, Valerie’s family, friends, and the congregation of her church began praying for her.

When Cheryl arrived at the hospital, the doctors informed her that there was no sign of brain activity in Valerie and that it was likely that she would not survive.

They continued to artificially sustain her life. However, the sister answered with confidence and continued praying for a miracle along with the rest of the church congregation.

Valerie’s condition did not show any signs of improvement during the course of the days that passed.

Valerie, on the other hand, was already living in a separate reality, one that the people on earth were not aware of because she had ascended to heaven.

When Valerie finally arrived in paradise, she said that everything was so bright that it hurt her eyes. And at that moment, she noticed Jesus grinning at her.

She recalls thinking at the time, “I felt all this emotion that He had for me.” “I felt as though I had finally arrived home. It was as though I had stepped into where I belong at long last.”

The majority of her life, Valerie had been spent following the Christian faith. However, despite the fact that she had a lot of faults and imperfections, she never truly thought that God loved her.

Therefore, the moment she met Jesus and experienced the depth of His love for her, she underwent a transformation.

“He wants nothing more than me,” she stated. “It had nothing to do with anything that I had done for Him. It wasn’t my performance, that’s for sure. Nothing.

It was only me, but I wasn’t the only thing that He loved about me. But I was the object of His affections.

Watch what took place as Jesus commanded her to return to the ground below!